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Handi Route

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Introducing Handi Route, offline taxi directory for every town, village and city in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. This app is designed to provide a quick reference for taxis in an offline fashion. It is aimed to provide quick solutions and promote safety. Also useful for when there's no mobile phone signal or have run out of mobile data for the month. Handi Route also has a GPS tracking system for the nearest postcode to you if you do want to use 3G (Northern Ireland only).This app has has a rating system and remembers any firm you rate,therefore can use the same firm again.
Handi Route is aimed for:
- Hen or Stag do's (Especially in townscities you're unfamiliar with)- When your usual taxi firm is busy- In cities, such as Belfast, when taxi firms are making you wait upto 2 hours (smaller, less busy taxi firms will most likely beavailable)- Tourists- When you've no internet signal- When you've you've no data allowance left- When you're across the Northern or Southern border and want to lookup a taxi number (For example, Letterkenny, Dublin, Belfast, etc)- Taxi firms - They can add, change, or remove their company details.
Handi Route doesn't try to be fancy, but rather functional. Being anoffline app makes it 'a Handi choice' to download this app. Sodownload today and have this offline directory in your pocket at alltimes.
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